Welcome to The Flying Grape


The Flying Grape is a wine tour company unlike all others. Focusing on small group (10-14 people) sommelier led educational tours, we avoid the trappings of the same-old-same-old wine tourism and instead get you into the vineyards, meeting the winemakers and vineyard managers, talking soil and terroir, tasting rarities, and connecting deeper with the history and geography of a region.

Oh, and we drink a ton of great wines along the way.


Small groups, always!

All of our trips and tours max out at 12 to 14 people. This is the perfect size for wine travel, for one great bottle will give everybody in the group a good sized pour.

Education focus

Our goal is to expand your wine knowledge through themed trips, bringing you closer to the history and terroir of a region.

Insider connections

Utilizing over 20 years of wine industry connections and experience, we have a vast network to find the new, quirky, and awesome along with getting into the revered and historic wineries of the world.

Get in the vineyards

Trips with The Flying Grape involve lots of tastings, incredible meals (from the simple, local, and delicious to top level dining), and tons of time in the wineries themselves. But our favorite thing is to get our boots dirty, covering ground in some of the cherished vineyards of the world, while drinking the wine of that place.