The Flying Grape Difference

What makes The Flying Grape different?


The focus of your tour will the trinity of the wine world: people, place, and history. 

People that own and work the land, and with their hands make the wine. Sense of place and why particular regions and sub-regions bring certain qualities to the wine. And the history of regions, wineries, and cultures that make a place distinctive.

1) Sommelier and expert-led travel. All trips with The Flying Grape will be led by an industry expert that carries a lifetime of wine knowledge in their head, and the educational expertise to convey it to you.

2) Fair compensation to the wineries. Flying Grape trips will never be fishing for deep deals, comps, freebies, or other such things from the wineries we visit.

On the contrary, we are going to happily pay for what we are doing, knowing the money is supporting small family operations, farmers, and winery workers. There will never be a mega-sized Flying Grape bus pulling up to the mega-sized winery because we get a good deal.

What you can expect is to visit the small, weird, off the radar, historic, or up and coming wineries and vineyards while tasting with the key people involved in making great wines from that particular place.

3) Independence for YOU. Flying Grape trips will allow you to travel the way you want. As we’ve discovered through various surveys (if you helped us with this, thank you!) our tribe doesn’t always want to be corralled into a particular flight. Many of you have family in the airline industry, or you like to fly Spirit and save money, or you like to fly Delta first class. We also intentionally build in private time to wander and explore the regions we are in, allowing you to absorb the experience rather than be packaged and rushed.

4) Quality for the investment. Will trips with The Flying Grape cost more than others? The answer is yes. But the experience will be unlike any other, guaranteed, including insider’s access to amazing experiences, meeting key wine legends, learning about the history and geography of particular regions, and helping support the kinds of wineries that deserve our love.

5) Our trips will have spontaneity and flexibility built into the itineraries. If we suddenly get invited to a dinner with a winemaker or a picnic in the vineyards, we are going to shift plans as needed. If after two days of rain the skies suddenly clear and we want to drive to the hills to watch the sunset, we’ll do it. We may have meals at some of the best restaurants in the world, then the next day order pizza and hang out at the hotel. We will hike extensively in the vineyards, get dirty, taste unenjoyable barrel and tank samples, and spend time with socially awkward winery people that normally don’t interact with the public (it’s amazing how shy many vineyard managers can be). Then the next night, we may have dinner with a wine legend who has graced the cover of Wine Spectator.

In other words, not your typical tour. And it will be awesome!

We have specific ideas and goals behind our wine tours. They’re not for everybody, they’re not the cheapest tours around, and they are definitely not easily duplicatable by others. What they will be is awesomely distinctive and absolutely original. Guaranteed.